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Why is it so hard to vote in Texas?

Here’s a great look at voting in Harris County in Life of the Law by Jonathan Hirsch. The feature discusses SB14 – Texas Voter ID Law and even features our founder, Fred Lewis!  

Recent studies have shown that Voter ID Laws have decreased voter turn out and more than half a million registered voters in Texas lack the proper identification. 


AAC Putting the Heart in Communities

For Valentine's Day, our Apartment's Are Communities (AAC) Resource Centers put the heart in Valentine's Day.  Each center planned group activities for the kids with a party and Valentine's arts and crafts.


Falls of Bellaire Family Fun Day

We had a great day at the Falls of Bellaire Resource Center.  Prodigal Son House Ministries, M4 Network, DJ Overflow, Eyes on Me Inc, joined with Texans Together for a Hip Hop Hope Family Fun Day to the center.  It was a beautiful day perfect for the families to enjoy the games, fun slides, and music.  



Ice Cream and a Day to Remember at Falls of Bellaire

After a long week, the kids at the Falls of Bellaire Resource Center got together for memories and ice cream. We had about 15 kids spend the afternoon with us. It was a wonderful opportunity to open up, share, and have fun.  However, there was a very important reason for the gathering, to learn about the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Growing the Community in Apartments Are Communities in 2015

Our two primary Apartment complexes for Apartments Are Communities (AAC) are The Falls of Bellaire (formerly known as the Mint and the Mai) Apartments in Alief and the Linda Vista Apartments in Northwest Houston.  It was a busy year for both and some transition as a new management group took over The Falls of Bellaire and a new Resident Coordinator for Linda Vista.






Empowering Houston Leaders in 2015

2015 was a great year for Empower Houston Leaders (EHL).  

This year we had  five classes  from Alief to Greater Third Ward to Downtown Houston. The classes graduated over 50 leaders and were as diverse as the City of Houston.  EHL's fluidity, and adaptability to the interest, relevancy, and needs of each group were highlighted this year.  Rather than a program that is  rigid and focused on each step, EHL evolves, adapts, and focuses on the individual group's interest and progress.  

Working through the Holidays at Linda Vista

The Happiest Time of Year at Apartments are Communities

Both Apartments are Communities Resource Centers put the Holiday in the Happiest Time of the Year with two very different events.  Both centers focused on giving adults a break from excited children with eyes all aglow and give the kids something different to do besides deciding the best strategy to pack extra niceness in before the big day. 

Linda Vista Canvas Their Feelings

Linda Vista Resource Center had a wonder event.  The youngest residents were invited to put their feelings on canvas.  Some used words and some used pictures.  There were hearts for love, flowers for happiness, and a lion for bravery. 


Alief Community Center Facelift

TTEF working with The Friends of the Alief Parks Board held a painting party to paint the Alief Community Center.  Beautification of the Center helped to brighten the building and created more inviting spaces.  Barbara Quattro a former EHL grad and President of the Alief Superneighborhood Council organized the event.  Barbara is dedicated to the Alief community and works nonstop for its improvement.  



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