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Linda Vista Canvas Their Feelings

Linda Vista Resource Center had a wonder event.  The youngest residents were invited to put their feelings on canvas.  Some used words and some used pictures.  There were hearts for love, flowers for happiness, and a lion for bravery. 


Alief Community Center Facelift

TTEF working with The Friends of the Alief Parks Board held a painting party to paint the Alief Community Center.  Beautification of the Center helped to brighten the building and created more inviting spaces.  Barbara Quattro a former EHL grad and President of the Alief Superneighborhood Council organized the event.  Barbara is dedicated to the Alief community and works nonstop for its improvement.  


Falls of Bellaire Thanksgiving Thanks

There was a great celebration of the Thanksgiving Holiday at the Falls of Bellaire Resource Center. We took the opportunity to hold a resident appreciation appreciation. Resident volunteers walked the apartment complex to make sure everyone knew about the event.


Joining YMCA to Reach Alief Parents

Texans Together joined Alief YMCA for their Thanksgiving Holiday Giving in November.  210 families attended the event to receive access to community resources, and a Thanksgiving Dinner Box with turkey, sides and fixings. There was music, games, and information tables set up for the very lively crowd.  







Falls of Bellaire Thanksgiving Crafts

Falls of Bellaire Resource Center got together to start the Thanksgiving holidays early. Crayons at the ready, the littlest residents got down to business.  Soon rainbow turkeys were out in full force.  They joined the rest of the Resource Center's colorful critter creations on the craft wall.


Spooky Fun at Apartments are Communities

Last Friday, Apartments Are Communities scared up a lot of fun at both our Resource Centers with pre-Halloween festivities.  They both decorated and got volunteers involved.  Residents turned out for food, games, and activities with kids in costumes and some early Trick or Treating.  Each center took the time to make sure kids and their parents knew what was coming up in the busy November schedules.

Halloween is a great time for communities to get to know each other.  Kids aren't just running by quickly, they are actually meeting the neighbors.  Adults get to put names with their littlest neighbors. 


Linda Vista Resource Center Gets Down to Work With Job Fair

Last Friday, Linda Vista Resource Center held a Job Fair.  Our new Residential Coordinator, Marissa Baltrip,  arranged to have local employers near the Resource Center as well as National employers like Hilton Hotels. Ms. Ruby Glass of the Near Northwest Management District, which focuses on economic development in the area around the Linda Vista Apartments, gave advice on job hunting and opportunities in the area.  The three hour job fair brought prospective employers together with over 40 attendees.  The employers attending offered advice on the resumes they received, accepted applications, and made followed up appointments.


Fall Festival Brings the Best to Alief

We were out at the International Management District's Fall Festival last Saturday. The weather was perfect for the event and the community responded with a great turnout!  Attendees enjoyed a Farmer's Market with vegetables and even arts & crafts and candles, games, costume contest, moonwalks, and  snocones.


National Night Out Brings Our Communities Together

Tuesday was National Night Out.  The event happens for the rest of the nation in August, but Texas and Florida have the option to move it to October because of our giant oven like weather.  The National Night Out was originally intended to improve the reach of programs like Community Watch Programs and other anti-crime initiatives.  


Apartments Are Communities' two resource centers also participated in the National Night Out organizing an event for their community.  It was an opportunity to bring neighbors out and learn that the people beside them aren't just fellow residents or neighbors, but community. 

Clean Up at Alief Community Park

Saturday, we were out at Alief Community Park.  Texans Together joined with Prodigal Son House, Alief Super Neighborhood, Spice Lane Community Investment Group, and Hope Alief.  Working with three different Alief High Schools and their coaches, we had over 50 high school volunteers come out to help clean up the park. Some of the Home Improvement Shows on television describe hard work, labor, and effort put in as sweat equity.  Our volunteers certainly invested their sweat equity in the park!



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