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Texans Together falls into Fall with Fifth Ward Fall Festival

Texans Together was out last  Saturday, October 8th, at the Fifth Ward Fall Festival.  The community turned out to enjoy food, games, and meet with leaders like US  House Rep Sheila Jackson Lee.  It was great to see the community interacting with their leadership.  They had great questions and put forward what their community needed. This is what is meant by engaged community members.




Building the Team with HCC Workstudy

Tuesday, October 3rd,  we were out at HCC. We met with some great students who were interested in the internship with us. Fitting giving back to the community and fulfilling their workstudy requirement into their busy schedule in one shot was very appealing. The applicants were enthusiastic to began and we cannot wait!


Finally.... San Jacinto Waste Pit EPA Decision.

On September 28th, there was a huge victory for the Highlands and the San Jacinto River communities when the EPA announced their decision to remove the waste from the San Jacinto River Waste Pits. 


The Highlands area community residents have been struggling with toxic waste in the San Jacinto River for a long time. In 2010, Texans Together joined the fight with local residents who created the San Jacinto River Coalition (SJRC). From the start, we knew it was and was going to continue to be a long hard fight and it did not disappoint.


The SJRC’s main goal was to have the waste from the Superfund Site called the San Jacinto River Waste Pits removed from the river. The site was called “a loaded gun” pointed at the “most vulnerable of sites.” The polluting companies wanted to leave the waste in the river under an “Armored Cap.” Their studies showed it would be safer and, of course, cheaper.


Texans Together Stopping in at One Stop College Fair

Brian, the intern, gets prepared to register voters and sign up volunteers

Last Saturday, we were out at Kashmere Multi-Service Center for the One-Stop College Fair.  The College Fair featured speakers venders about Financial Aid, College Prep, Career Development, DREAMER qualification, and Admissions. 

We meet with some great high school students that were looking forward to graduation.  The students were down to earth and very realistic about the obstacles they faced, but still hopeful.  Registering them to vote was just the first step, we spoke with them about the importance of civil engagement and how just the act of voting could help them and their community.  Some of the students and their parents even committed to attend the Screw Up the Vote 2016 concert.  They recognized the best way to not  Screw Up the Vote was to vote.

Taking Action at HCC

Thursday, Texans Together was at Houston Community College (HCC) Northeast Campus with the "Take Action Now" event. We were encouraging students and community members to take action to become civicly engaged, access health care, and connect with their community.  

Repairers of the Breach Tour Touches Down in Houston

Texans Together and The National Moral Revival sent out a Call of Action to Houston on September 14th.. It was a full house with many community leaders and we even ran into Charlotte, one of our EHL (Empower Houston Leaders) graduates from our first class.  

Busy Weekend Connecting with Alief

This was a busy week, but started last Saturday. Heads Up Houston's Fall 2016 Kick-off Block Party.  It was a great kick-off for the weekend and the season.  We connected with some wonderful parents and kids as they got ready for the Fall season school and sports. We helped people with information for Houston Health Department programs, referrals, and voter registration. The event was a great success.



Texans Together Standing with Workers

Texans Together stood with the Fight for $15 today.  Workers all around the country marched on City Halls and State Houses.  In Houston, we stood with workers for the right to earn a living wage. Earning a living wage should not be a luxury, but the baseline.  The minimum wage falls far short of providing that necessity.

Join Texans Together for the Moral Revival

There is a disconnect between values and the public policy of today.  Public officials seek to distract the public with "hot button" issues of today to invoke fear, anger, and hate.  They cloak their policies in meaningless rhetoric, and it divides us, pits us against each other.  It keeps us from seeing the real harm as public policy continues to deepen the injustice and inequality in our society.  People are disenfranchised, marginalized, and have no opportunity to advance. We are building a society where the only thing that matters is the pursuit of more money and losing sight of the importance of faith and morality. We are losing the ability to empathize, and strive to improve our communities.

We must be better. We must take a stand. 

We have to revive hope and acceptance.

Join us for “The Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values” at St Johns United Methodist Church at 2019 Crawford Street in downtown Houston.  In the morning from 9 am to 2 pm there is a training for leaders of faith and morals to improve state and local activism.  At 7pm, there will be a revival “to lift up the voices and testimonies of people who have been hurt and impacted by regressive policies and extremism in local and national politics.”

This revival is for "any and every person that wants to make a change in our communities and have national change."


Linda Vista Blows Up the End of Summer

With summer winding down to a close and the school year looming, the kids at Linda Vista Apartment Resource Center planned a big event.  Together with some of the parents, the kids put together a fun day.  The group worked together to determine food, decoration, and most importantly the summer activity - a big water balloon fight.


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