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Falls of Bellaire Resource Center Coming Together

After the new management took over at the Mai Apartments at the first of the year, the Resource Center was put on hold.   The space needed to have work done on it and with the with the management working on the property, the Center had to wait for it's turn. Eventually, it's turn came.  The center got its much need facelift with fresh paint and new floors.  Then the residents came together to unload the storage unit and get everything into the center.  

Great Meeting for Alief!

Last week Texans Together hosted a meeting for AIM (Assessment, Intervention, and Mobilization) For Alief.  The AIM project survey was conducted by the City of Houston with Texans Together participated in the data collection.  Last week leaders from the community were brought together at the Alief Community Center to make plans on the Intervention Phase.  The group will use the data to complete plans and reach out to the community to address the concerns identified in the survey!.


Looking for Leaders to AIM for Alief

The surveys for the AIM (Assessment, Intervention, and Mobilization) project conducted by the City of Houston are complete.  Texans Together participated in the data gathering and we're excited to be involved in the next state, Intervention!

Great Kick-off for EHL Social Justice

Saturday, we had an outstanding turnout for our first Empower Houston Leaders (EHL) Social Justice Class.  Echoing the theme of the historic and beautiful SHAPE Center, on Live Oak, the participants gathered to discuss ways to unite and strengthen their communities.  


2015 Texas Traditions Luncheon

Last week, The Texas Traditions Luncheon was held at the Crystal Ballroom at the historic Rice Hotel. The event honored Fred Lewis. It was a fantastic event with some of our Empower Houston Leaders (EHL) graduates, guests, politicians, organizers, and other community leaders present. We had a great turn out and it was so wonderful to see the support given to Fred.



Sankofa Showcase Great Success!

Sankofa is a word in the Akan language of Ghana that translates as "reach back and get it" (san - to return; ko - to go; fa - to fetch, to seek and take) (via Wikipedia) and one of our EHL (Empower Houston Leaders) graduate planned to do exactly that! Robbie Vanarsdale held a fund raiser to help send students to Tanzania to seek and take home parts of their heritage.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration at San Marcos Apartments

Empower Houston Leaders  joined with the San Marcos Apartments on Bellfort for a Cinco de Mayo Celebration.  There was so much enthusiasm, and we enjoyed introducing ourselves to the community with music, food, and entertainment.  It was a great first step in our new relationship with the San Marcos Apartments.  Next step?  Opening a new resource center as the newest Apartments Are Communities member



Great Turnout at Worker Summit!

Saturday, we were at the Worker Summit for a Living Wage in Southwest Houston. The event highlighted the need for Immigration reform and a Living Wage for working families with a march and a press conference.  


Linda Visita Growing Green for Earth Day

April and March were great months for our Linda Vista Resource Center.  The apartment complex is part of our Apartments are Communities program and the residents developed a full slate of activities for young and old.

The 84th Texas Legislature is Sending You A Clear Message

It is very apparent the 84th Texas Legislature is sending everyone a clear message.  The Texas Legislature does not care about the average citizen in Texas. The only interest the Legislature has is making sure that businesses are not burdened with any regulations.


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