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Empower Houston Leaders Free Learning Seminar: Developing Community Leaders in Harris County

Are you tired of being Powerless? Then Let Us Build a Movement

Join us on our mission to develop Leaders in your Community.   Learn about opportunities, benefits, and joys of organizing and getting your neighbors involved.

Being a community leader is rewarding and beneficial Building a Movement is Life-Giving

You will receive skills, interaction exercises, experience, and mentoring in our "Class”!We will  teach you how to be a community leader, activist and how to build a Movement.

Dr. King's Report is Out!

Dr. Stephen KingOn May 31st Texans Together and The San Jacinto River Coalition held a press conference at the San Jacinto Monument to discuss Dr. Stephen King's report on the impact of the San Jaconto River waste pits on the environment. Despite the temporary cap that has been put in place dioxon and furan levels are just as high as they were a year ago.

Pictured here is the guide we hired to take Dr. King and our President Fred Lewis around the river to collect fish and sediment samples. Here is a PDF that contains where the fish samples were taken. You can download Dr. King's Report here. This include the executive summary. 

Save Our Schools

Save Texas Schools

Calling All Houstonians, Parents, Teachers and Students!

We are getting on the bus on Saturday March 24th. We want the cutting of education funds to STOP!

Texas has dropped from 44th to 49th in funding our school systems among the 50 states. Some of our lawmakers want to strive towards the “coveted” 50th spot in the funding of our schools on a national level. With yet another budget shortfall on the way, an election coming and legislative session very near it seems likely that we will achieve the unwanted distinction of being the worst in the country. We need to send them a message that cannot be ignored.

First EHL Class Graduates!

Empower Houston Leaders logo

EHL Class GraduatesOn December 13th, 2011 The Empower Houston Leadership Project graduated its first class of 19 community organizers. Certificates were presented and a dinner was held for the class. Plans to move forward with the projects that the class iniated are moving forward and this first class is the founding of a new network of organziers working to efect change in Harris county.

Harris County Files Lawsuit Against Waste Pit Polluters!

Fishing the River...The citizens of Harris County no longer feel secure while swimming in the San Jacinto River. The citizens of Harris County no longer trust that the fish they catch from the San Jacinto River are safe to eat.  The citizens of Harris County can no longer enjoy camping, picnicking or eating fish or blue crabs in the San Jacinto River free from fear. The citizens of Harris County have lost the ability to enjoy the San Jacinto River and Harris County and its residents have been severely impacted as a result...

That is the language that Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan uses in his petition which seeks penalties of up to $25,000 a day dating to 1965 from defendants McGinnis Industrial Maintenance Co.,  Waste Management Inc., Waste Management of Texas and International Paper Co.

Residents take the San Jacinto Waste Pits matter into their own hands

Deadly CatchGiven the lack of appropriate signage warning about the presence of dioxins in the waters of the San Jacinto River, community members gathered last Saturday, at River Terrace Park in Channelview, to put up homemade signs in order to inform visitors about the risks of consuming fish caught on those waters.

This park, located just south of I-10 and Baylor, has become a very popular fishing spot that not only attracts local residents but also visitors from all the Houston metroplex area.

Peacemaker Award

Annual Houston Peace and Justice Center (HPJC) Peacemaker award banquet

Community building in the United States is not a novel concept. Democracy depends on individuals participating in every aspect of their community.

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