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AAC Putting the Heart in Communities

For Valentine's Day, our Apartment's Are Communities (AAC) Resource Centers put the heart in Valentine's Day.  Each center planned group activities for the kids with a party and Valentine's arts and crafts.




Linda Vista Apartments

At Linda Vista Resource Center, they had a great turn out with over 20 kids.  They spent the afternoon making cards for their family and decorations for the center. With a real sense of community and togetherness, the kids decorated the room. There was a round of games and then finally cupcakes were handed out with extras to take home to their Valentines.  At the end of the party, there were huge smiles and the kids were looking forward to their next get together.




Falls of Bellaire Apartments

Falls of Bellaire Resource Center had a very spirited celebration with games including a dance-off.  Working together, The Resource Center received a temporary decoration makeover with hearts and cards to the center. The kids also made some cards for their special cards for their valentines.  Some of the older teens volunteered with the younger kids to teach them how to cut out hearts and manage the stickers, scissors, and markers.  They had a great time and ended the day with cookies and punch.  



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