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AIMing to Meet Alief's Needs

Recently Texans Together and the Houston Health Department  hosted other community leaders at a planning meeting on July 28, 2016. The meeting was part of the planning process addressing key findings from the Alief A.I.M. (Assessment Intervention Mobilization) report.


The A.I.M. report was put together by the Houston Health Department by Houston Department Health and Human Services (HDHHS) staff and with the input of the community through a grassroots effort with surveys and townhall meetings.  The report supports the department's mission "to work in partnership with the community to promote and protect the health and social well being of Houstonians." The purpose of the A.I.M report was "1) to investigate access to health care; 2) to explore environmental concerns affecting the community; and 3) to serve as a safety net by linking residents to the health and human services they identified during the assessment. Secondary purposes of A&I included mobilizing HDHHS to participate in a large-scale assessment and response effort, as well as mobilizing community partnerships and resources to broaden the department’s service reach." 

This most recent meeting was held to address goals and plans to mobilize the community and improve access and interaction with community health resources.  Several health providers and insurance providers including Children's Health Insurance and Texas Health also attended the meeting to discuss community outreach and inclusion.  It was a very successful meeting and we are well on the road to improving the community in an inclusive, comprehensive plan.  Lots of work ahead!

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