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Alief Community Center Facelift

TTEF working with The Friends of the Alief Parks Board held a painting party to paint the Alief Community Center.  Beautification of the Center helped to brighten the building and created more inviting spaces.  Barbara Quattro a former EHL grad and President of the Alief Superneighborhood Council organized the event.  Barbara is dedicated to the Alief community and works nonstop for its improvement.  


On the 23rd, Barbara  had the help of over 30 Alief students and volunteers to lend strong arms and talents to the cause.  Work clothes and scruffy shoes came in handy as the volunteers spread out to paint bookcases, columns, and walls.  After laying out newspapers and taping walls to keep the paint from ending up where it wasn't supposed to be. We want to shout a huge thank you to the Alief Students who game up their Monday to paint bookcases, columns, and walls.


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