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Alief Empower Houston Leaders Kickoff!

Last night was the kick off for the Alief Young Adult Empower Houston Leaders at the Alief Community Center.  Despite bad weather, it was a great meet and greet! Houston Council Member Richard Nguyen attended.  He spoke about he importance of Voter Outreach and then stayed for the whole class. We had former Empower Houston Leaders (EHL) graduates, Thanos Rossopoulos, Tawayne Smith, and Terrance Koontz, who did tremendous community outreach for the class and help facilitate the class. Topics of how organizing builds communities, how to engage registered voters to get them to polls.  Great grassroots initiatives were shared by and with every attendee including the Councilman.  

Our next class will be 1/29/15 with a terrific guest speaker, Theola Petteway.  Ms. Petteway is the Executive Director of the OST/Almeda Corridor Renovation Authority will join us to speak on park renovations projects in our communities.  

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