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Apartment Are Communities Growing Community Support in 2014

Our two primary Apartment complexes for Apartments Are Communities (AAC) are the Mai (formerly known as the Mint) Apartments in Alief and the Linda Vista Apartments in Northeast Houston.  It was a busy year for both

  Apartment complexes. While a change in ownership at the Mai Apartments brought some unique challenges, Linda Vista grew more stable and active.

The Mai Resource Center is well established now, but they reached new goals with participation in a summer job program that employed youth from the complex, helped establish a community garden in the complex, successfully petitioned the city to get a road closure between Dairy Ashford Road and Bellaire Blvd to improve safety and decrease traffic though the complex, organized Alief Young Leaders Summit, and successfully organized to improve lighting in the complex.  It also reached out further into the community to partner with Alief parent center and worked in the Super Neighborhood Council to bring their concerns to City Council and other City departments.  They have networked with different projects including the Turn Up and Turn Out to Vote campaign, several community Food Fairs with the Houston Food Bank and turned out to support Empower Houston Leader organized events at different parks in Alief.

While Linda Vista Resource Center is only in its second year, it has already come to be a community hub with full slate of after school programs, weekend children events like a trip to the Houston Aquarium, Tuesday Night Bingo and even a Movie Night.  The center activities have picked up so rapidly that they publish a monthly calendar!  Residents participated in organizer training, the Turn Up and Turn Out the Vote Campaign,  the Summer Blast Event for Empower Houston Leaders and Volunteers, and a several Food Fairs with the Houston Food Bank.

In 2015, both Resource Centers will be focusing on training community leaders to develop organizing and networking skills.  The centers will continue to encourage a full calendar of events and outreach to new residents.  A strategic plan will be implemented for the AAC, with leaders reaching out further into the surrounding communities as the centers become important gathering places for the area.  The plan includes more integration with the school districts to improve coordination of after school activities.  New projects by the leaders will be networked into the Empower Houston Leaders (EHL) events providing support and volunteers for their issue advocacy. With Houston’s very mobile populace, we anticipate as residents move that they will take what they've learn and connect with their new apartment residents in other locations to build more communities.


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