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Big Day for Pre-K

Tomorrow will be a big day in Austin for Pre-K!  The Texas House Public Education Committee will be hearing about 6 education bills.  From Texas Association for the Education of Young Children, here's the run down and what you can do to make your voice heard: 

Six Bills!! Can you believe it? It's been a long time since this much focus has been on Early Childhood in Texas so let's make sure not to let this moment pass us by without our voices being heard. 

So it's time to do your homework. Below are the 6 bills scheduled to be heard tomorrow

HB 4 Huberty | et al. 

Relating to a high quality prekindergarten program provided by public school districts.

HB 173 Alvarado 

Relating to information reported by a public school district regarding prekindergarten classes.


Related to ceertain prekindergarten programs offered by a school district.
Related to providing free full-day prekindergarten for certain children

HB 1100 Johnson | et al.Related to a gold standard full-day prekindergarten program provided by public school districts. 


Relating to the creation of a joint interim committee to study and make recommendations regarding early childhood education
As advocates for children, their families and the professionals who work with them everyday, we understand how important as well as the complexity of the world of Early Childhood. Tomorrow is one of those opportunities we can participate in educating our Legislators. We will stand tomorrow to show support for high quality standards, like class size and ratio limits and child development/early childhood training for all Pre-K teachers, for all Early Childhood classrooms. We will stand tomorrowto show support for full day Pre-K and making partnerships with high quality private providers a priority.  
We encourage you to either meet us in room E2.036 at 2 p.m. to testify and show your support for high quality early childhood education or drop your Legislators and the House Public Education Committee an email if you can't make it in person. 
Together we make Texas Better!

Email addresses for members of the House Public Education Committee:

. us 

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Texans Together Education Fund

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