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Bring the Money Back

Following Harris County’s settlement in the Waste Pits litigation, rumors and concerns began circulating the communities surrounding the Pits. To address these issues, the leaders of the San Jacinto River Coalition began meeting with elected officials in search of answers and support. We are working to ensure that the settlement funds be put to use exclusively in the communities most impacted by the Site. This requires efforts with Harris County Officials, State Representatives and Senators, and Texas Parks and Wildlife. We want to make sure that the public is engaged and educated in this process and that it is as transparent as possible. To help facilitate this, the Coalition hosted a community forum on January 13, 2015 with special guests Rock Owens (Managing Attorney of Harris County Attorney’s Office Environmental Division), Bob Allen (Director of Harris County Pollution Control), and Gretchen Knowels (Community Relations with Commissioner Morman’s Office). About 70 community members attended the forum and brought forward their questions, concerns, and ideas for potential projects.  Almost everyone in attendance signed letters of support that we will deliver to Harris County Judge Ed Emmett and Commissioner Morman.

The community members that attended the forum were well prepared with their ideas and questions for Harris County Officials. The ideas that most frequently circulated in the forum were in support of health studies, city infrastructure and water for homes currently supplied by groundwater, and monitoring of local contamination. The most striking comments were from Christopher, a 7-year old Highlands native, who was diagnosed with stage two cancer when he was 6 months old. He told the crowd he is a cancer survivor and “thinks we need to help the people who are sick and unhealthy.” Christopher is the youngest Coalition member using his voice to make the San Jacinto River and surrounding communities a safer place to live and recreate.

Youngest SJC member Christopher at meeting at 1/13/15 - youtube Montrose Patriot

Please help the San Jacinto River Coalition’s efforts to bring the money back from Harris County’s Waste Pits litigation—Sign our petition today! 



Other YouTube videos of the San Jacinto Meeting by YouTube Montrose Patriot :



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