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Building the Team with HCC Workstudy

Tuesday, October 3rd,  we were out at HCC. We met with some great students who were interested in the internship with us. Fitting giving back to the community and fulfilling their workstudy requirement into their busy schedule in one shot was very appealing. The applicants were enthusiastic to began and we cannot wait!


While we were there, we also registered voters for November. You only have a week until October 11th the deadline to vote. If you're registered, make sure to check your information is correct here: https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/MVP/mvp.do
If your address is not correct, you will have to find the correct precinct to vote. Don't take a chance on not being able to vote or experiencing a delay in voting!

We also did Houston Referral Outreach. If you live in Houston and don't have insurance, may have lead paint in your home, or need nutritional assistance with a child under five the Houston Health Department may have a program to help you Click here for more information: 

This is the best way to spend any day!


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