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Clean Up at Alief Community Park

Saturday, we were out at Alief Community Park.  Texans Together joined with Prodigal Son House, Alief Super Neighborhood, Spice Lane Community Investment Group, and Hope Alief.  Working with three different Alief High Schools and their coaches, we had over 50 high school volunteers come out to help clean up the park. Some of the Home Improvement Shows on television describe hard work, labor, and effort put in as sweat equity.  Our volunteers certainly invested their sweat equity in the park!





Volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got down to work cleaning windows, scrapping paint, and repainting signs for the parking lot.  At the same time, other volunteers picked up trash trimmed plants, and trees clean up.  Trimming the trees and brush not only is better for the trees and plants, but it adds to the safety of the park.  With the improved sight lines, parents can see where their children are and what they are doing.





At the end of the day, the park is beautiful, clean, safer, and once again an important space in the community. Fantastic job everyone! 


Before Clean Up

After Clean Up


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