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A Day of Family Fun for Falls of Bellaire Resource Center

We had a great community day at the Falls of Bellaire Family Day for The Falls of Bellaire Apartments Resource Center! The event was part of our outreach for CASE (Center for Afterschool, Summer, and Extended learning) from the Harris County Department of Education. The outreach put residents in touch with community resources, vendors, and activities for parents and kids.










We had raffles, games for all ages, bouncy buildings, rock climbing, and even music. Both parents and children were given the schedule for the upcoming summer and afterschool. Parents will be able to attend training to learn how to kick their projects into high gear.  Parents will decide what is most important to help them connect with schools, learning projects for adults and kids, mentoring, or building a community response to kids afterschool and summer needs. Having parents engaged is critical to improve attendance, learning, and engagement for their kids.


We built up a lot of enthusiasm and we cannot wait to get started with the residents this summer. At the end of the day, there were huge smiles from kids and parents. It was a fantastic day.

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