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EHL Back to School Drive

Tuesday, the Youth Empower Houston Leaders (EHL) project was held at the Falls of Bellaire Resource Center. The older teens in the EHL program were participating in a summer program at the Resource Center. The class teaches the fundamentals of direct action organizing,nonprofits, and the fundamentals of organizing your project.  As part of the program, students plan, put together, and put a project into action.  The EHL participants in this program planned and ran a Back to School Drive as their project.  


The EHL class gathered supplies by gathering donations from the community, and other community organizations.  The Alief YMCA, Two Sisters Helping Hand, Capo Young Joe, and Alief HOODS donated supplies for Elementary, Middle School, and High School.  

Two Sister Helping Hand Stopped By to Donate Supplies YMCA set up a table to provide details about Summer and Fall Programs



Altogether 96 bags were put together and distributed to the Apartment community children.  Although not every child was eager to think about summer ending, there were still a lot of grateful smiles for the good start toward their school year.  



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The EHL group wanted to especially thank Two Sisters Helping Hand, Alief YMCA, Capo Young Joe, Alief HOODS (Helping Other Out During Struggles), and Eva Calvillo.


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