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Empowering Houston Leaders in 2014

2014 has been a great year for Empower Houston Leaders (EHL).  

This year we covered the Houston area with successful graduations from Pasadena to Baytown to Independence Heights.  The Pasadena EHL was our largest to date with 71 members.  In December, we had the first get together for our Women’s EHL class at the historic SHAPE center with a phenomenal energy level.

Once members of each class were educated about Direct Action Organizing, the project groups moved directly into action.  The diversity of each group and their projects brought a whole spectrum of community interests.  In Pasadena, the projects ranged from removal of stray dogs to a healthcare initiative.  Our Baytown group was an all-Spanish group and featured a Spanish Women’s Support group, which just graduated their second class in December.  Independence Heights members were so active that before the class was halfway through, they had a major clean-up project for the 39th St. Missionary Baptist Church, which received media coverage from as far away as Katy.  The members of the class are still very active with the Independence Heights Collaborative Action Coalition helping with the Yale Street  Baptist Church Food Fair, Back to School Rallies, and vacant lot clean ups. 

Other members of previous classes also continued to demonstrate what they had learned.  For example, in Acres Homes, two of our EHL graduates are responsible for the successful Acres Home Annual Christmas Trail Ride and the community Acres Home Tree lighting event.   Community Alive, a previous graduate’s group, sponsored several youth and young black male summits to engage them in their communities and issue advocacy.

Networking continued to define EHL as well.  This year we partnered with Neighborhood Centers for two of our classes.  Graduates networked back with our other projects including our Got Coverage and Turn Out the Vote campaign. We celebrate our EHL graduates and volunteers at our Summer Blast to help network and reinvigorate our previous EHL graduates.

Next year, we are looking forward to the continuation of our Women’s EHL class and improved networking.  We’ve put a strategic plan in place to improve communication between our graduates and connect graduates with other graduates project.  There will be an opportunities for issue advocacy as well.  We will launch an initiative to empower and engage EHL members in their community to bring community issues forward.

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