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Falls of Bellaire Re-Opening Kick-off

The Falls of Bellaire Resource Center held an afternoon celebration to kick off the newly redesigned center.  Activities have already been in high gear with a Teen Work Program,  Youth Empower Houston Leaders (EHL), a Lunch Program, and Field Trips for the younger residents.  It was a huge success.  We had a great turn out with residents participating in the games, raffles, face painting, and food.  

The re-opening was definitely a community event with other organizations teaming up with the Apartments are Communities Resource Center to bring the plans to life.  We had the Queens and Kings Mentor Program, Out of the Flames of Ferguson, Lions International, Amerigroup Community Care, Boy Scouts, and Prodigal Son House.  The resident welcomed their support and were deeply appreciative.


Also, attending the re-opening was District F Councilman Richard Nguyen.  He has a special connection to the apartment complex.  He was a resident at the complex for five years.  Now coming back, he can see the changes and how much stronger the community growth has become.  Its proof what a community working together can do!


Councilman Richard Nguyen taking time to take a few shots with a resident.  We're not sure who won the game, but we suspect it might not have been the Councilman Councilman Richard Ngyen and Texans Together Executive Director Charhonda Cox tour the newly redesign and revitalized center.


Adrien Fields, Project Coordinator at CASE (Center for Afterschool, Summer, and Expanded Learning), also attended.  Harris County Department of Education formed CASE, an intermediary for afterschool, in 1999. CASE leverages community resources and improving the capacity of the field for kids during the out-of-school time.  It benefits kids when school is out - before and after school, weekends, and summer.  

Mr Fields joined Councilman Richard Nguyen; and Nguyen's Chief of Staff, Alvin Byrd to make a presentation of the certificate and check to Falls of Bellaire Property Owner Greg Ruffin, TTEF's Program Director, Frank Garcia and TTEF's Executive Director, Charhonda Cox, and volunteers from the Resource Center.  

TTEF's Program Director, Frank Garcia, and TTEF's Executive Director, Charhonda Cox receiving recognition from the City of Houston from Councilman Richard Nguyen.  Councilman Richard Nguyen with Volunteers from the Resource Center.
Adrien Fields, CASE Project Coordinator; Richard Nguyen, City Councilman; Texans Together Executive Director, Charhonda Cox; and Property Owner Greg Ruffin. Program Director, Frank Garcia, and Chief of Staff for District F, Alvin Byrd with one of  the young residents from the Resource Center

Even though the afternoon was long and hot, everyone left feeling energized and looking forward to the summer activities at the Falls of Bellaire Resource Center.

Sno-cones aren't just for the cool kids, but cool adults as well as the adults  get in on the sno-cone action. The adults seem to want to get in on the pool party, but the kids are standing firm - kids only!
"Pretty as a picture" and adding just a little more with face painting. It was hard to get everyone to slow down for a moment to take a picture - but this was as good as we could get.

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