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Falls of Bellaire Resource Center Busy First Week

Apartments are Communities Falls of Bellaire Apartment Resource Center in Alief had their grand re-opening on June 20th, but before the opening celebration there were already activities.  After putting together the Resource Center in the redesigned space with new flooring and paint, residents immediately were busy putting together events and signing up for programs.  The space will feature morning activities for adults like job presentations, resume building, and gatherings for activities like Bingo and meetings.  In the afternoon, the younger residents will gather at the center for lunch, afterschool activities like arts and crafts, computer lab and field trips, to name just a few.

Last week was the first week, and everything was moving full speed ahead.  The summer teen job program started as older kids work in the center as monitors, assist other residents with Center activities like computer labs, hand out lunches,  and help with field trips for the youngest enjoying the center.  The teens also started their first class in Empower Houston Leaders  (EHL).  They will learn the tools and power of direct action organizing, and focusing on the needs of the community, they will put together a project.  At the end of their involvement in the summer program and EHL, the teens will  enact their project with an event for the Falls of Bellaire Apartment Community for the residents and the surrounding community.  One of the most important aspects of their program will be showing how they can be empowered to make change in their communities. We're excited to see what these young leaders will do!



We also had a field trip to the Museum of Natural Science.  After eating lunch at the center, the older teens partnered with the younger girls and boys on the trip to help navigate the museum areas and keep stragglers to a minimum.  They toured the Buffalo Soldier Museum, the Jurassic exhibits, and viewed the remnants of prehistoric plants and animals and their descendants.  It was a hands on tour, from the smiles and interest, everyone had a great time.  Somehow, they ended up in a shark cage. We're not sure how, but they weren't telling.




At the end of the week, the kids gathered at the Center to put together Father's Day gifts.  The talented group put together Father's Day mugs for their "World's Best Dad."  It was great to see the finished projects and we know their Fathers will love them!

This summer is going to be hot, but the kids at the Falls of Bellaire are ultra cool and on a roll with the Resource Center really taking shape.  We're so happy that the Residents are allowing us to be a part of it!

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