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Falls of Bellaire Resource Center Coming Together

After the new management took over at the Mai Apartments at the first of the year, the Resource Center was put on hold.   The space needed to have work done on it and with the with the management working on the property, the Center had to wait for it's turn. Eventually, it's turn came.  The center got its much need facelift with fresh paint and new floors.  Then the residents came together to unload the storage unit and get everything into the center.  









It was a long afternoon, but the residents got down to work.  Before we knew it, the center was unpacked, and sorted out. 


 With the center cleaned and ready for the activities to kick into high gear, the Grand Re-opening was scheduled for last weekend, but the wet summer had other plans.  The official kick-off is now this weekend, Saturday June 20th.  Not a moment too soon with a full schedule kicking into high gear for the summer with adult activities, a Youth Empower Houston Leaders class, and a teen summer job program in the mornings, lunch program, and summer activities in the afternoon.  


The residents did a wonderful job!  It's going to be a great summer.  

If you want to help out - contact Frank Garcia at , call 713-782-8833, or fill out the Volunteer Form

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