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Falls of Bellaire Summer Day of Fun

Last Wednesday, we had a great event at the Falls of Bellaire Apartment Resource Center! The Summer Fun event centered on improving their community, planning additional activities, and the resources available in the Center. There was a drawing contest, games, and a pizza party.  The kids participated in a real example of how voting gives everyone a voice in the process – very important in this election year. It was exciting to see so many parents and kids brave the suffocating heat to attend.  A great turn out of enthusiastic parents and children!



The kids had a contest imagining their ideal school uniforms.  Our budding artists got down to work and soon uniforms both simple and some with elaborate decorations took shape. Parents participated in the contest assisting some the youngest with helpful hints and color choices.  After posting all the masterpieces on the wall, the whole group then voted on the best design. Each child was were asked to vote for a design other than their own.  It was a great lesson on collective group decision making and the value of voting in the decision process. 

Parents were also invited to participate in the planning of future events and the opportunity to volunteer.  Several parents had some great ideas on activities and offered their time to help.  Once Autumn finally gets here, one parent offered to teach the kids how to make candy apples.  It is already on the calendar and several kids are looking forward to it.

Of course, no day at the Resource Center is complete without at least one game of Jenga!


The event closed with a pizza party was for both parents and kids.  It was the perfect end to a great day.  We want to thank both parents and kids for making it such a memorable day! 

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