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Falls of Bellaire Thanksgiving Thanks

There was a great celebration of the Thanksgiving Holiday at the Falls of Bellaire Resource Center. We took the opportunity to hold a resident appreciation appreciation. Resident volunteers walked the apartment complex to make sure everyone knew about the event.


We had our community partners, Kunisha Vessel of Queens & King Mentoring Program and  Mr. Williams volunteered to be our chefs..Not only did they cook, but they provided food and supplies.  The Resource Center is so lucky to have Queens & Kings Mentoring involved with the Resource Center.  Not only do they spend time mentoring for self improvement and homework, but they teach a weekly Healthy Cooking class.  Angela Mayberry, our awesome work study intern also went above and beyond helping to cook, serve, and set up.



We served over 70 people at the event.  We spoke with many residents about their concerns, asked what they wanted to see the Resource Center offer, and even got surveys from them.  It was awesome to meet with everyone and remind us of how thankful we were for the community, residents, and volunteers.




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