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GOTV is Year Round!

April 1st, we were at the CWA (Communications Workers of America) Hall  last night in collaboration with the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).  TTEF's Shekira Denise spoke there and help co-facilitate the Deputy Voter Registrar training for over 60 attendees.

Every odd number year, every Deputy Voter Registrar certification has to be renewed by attending a training by the Harris County Tax Office.  We want everyone to be registered to vote and register people year round, not just when there is a nationwide election.  For that to happen, there has to be Deputy Voter Registrars.  Civic engagement brings change to a community, the most fundamental and easiest thing to do is vote.  It makes all the difference.  Even if your issue or your candidate does not win the fact that you and others voted against it, means that it was not unanimous.  We want to make sure all voices are heard. 

We are grateful to the CWA for providing a great venue and the NAACP for giving us the opportunity.  It was a fantastic evening and it's hard not to feel more energized after seeing everyone there!

For information on more trainings: Upcoming Volunteer Deputy Registrar Trainings



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