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Great Kick-off for EHL Social Justice

Saturday, we had an outstanding turnout for our first Empower Houston Leaders (EHL) Social Justice Class.  Echoing the theme of the historic and beautiful SHAPE Center, on Live Oak, the participants gathered to discuss ways to unite and strengthen their communities.  



Participants shared their experiences from advocacy at the Texas Legislature to being the voice for their community.  We had a great dialog about current issues and the importance of civic engagement.



 It was uplifting to see the drive and determination in the group.  This group demonstrated an open and willingness to network that is fundamental to organizing.  



We're encouraged and excited to see them in action in the coming weeks.  The projects that come out of this class will be about changing and educating their community.  




With such a great kickoff, don't sit on the sidelines and miss the next class.  It will be June 20th, 10:00am to Noon at CWA Hall, 1730 Jefferson St., Houston, TX 77002.  



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