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Great Meeting for Alief!

Last week Texans Together hosted a meeting for AIM (Assessment, Intervention, and Mobilization) For Alief.  The AIM project survey was conducted by the City of Houston with Texans Together participated in the data collection.  Last week leaders from the community were brought together at the Alief Community Center to make plans on the Intervention Phase.  The group will use the data to complete plans and reach out to the community to address the concerns identified in the survey!.


We were excited to see the great turn out of the diverse group.  We had individuals experienced in community organizing, business leaders, and leaders from different neighborhoods.  We had a great exchange of ideas and our plans our shaping up.  It's exciting to see the energy level, love of their community, and belief brought out in the group.  




The group has a lot of work ahead of it, but they are up to the task! 


If you are interested in helping to change Alief and addressing the community's concerns, please contact Frank Garcia, Texans Together Program Director or call 713-782-8833

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