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Great Milestone for Alief

Mayor Annise Parker and Councilman Richard Nguyen presenting the rendering for the new Multipurpose Center. 

On April 1st, The Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, and Councilman District F, Richard Nguyen, attended a meeting in Alief to unveil the Alief Multipurpose Center.  The Center is the goal at the end of a long road for Texans Together and the Alief community, both past and present.  The community saw a need and worked hard to reach this historic point. 

Francisco 'Frank' Garcia, Program Director at Texans Together, has been a major part of the effort.  He grew up in the community and  has worked with the Alief community for over 7 years with Texans Together.  The Center was a major hurdle and finally, finally they've reached it.






Here's what Frank had to say:

I want to give a big congrats to all the partners and collaborators from the past to the present that have pushed for a better Alief. Its been over two decades that Alief never received any improvements. A generation missed out on a whole lot of good things that could of saved lives, made lives better, or provide a safe space.

After realizing Alief was becoming a resume builder for politics, it was time we organized. Not only was it in politics, but some of the powers that be would also only look to one area of a community ignoring the diversity that has taken place when I was a kid.

In Unity, started a campaign, collecting 3000 petitions, support from parents, youth, and kids of all nationalities. This project picked up momentum and caught the attention of all city representatives. Countless meetings, door knockings, city hall public speaking, phone calls to the city and with passionate volunteers we were able to accomplish so much. It started with a run around, then we got tough with the numbers behind us, and then the noise was made. No hierarchy, no stepping on toes, and our egos and pride put to the side because we all see the same vision and future.

They told us we were land lock for a library and then they realized we are one of the most diverse community and the use of the resources outnumbered any other community. What did that tell us about Alief? We want to improve and do better regardless where we come from. We are the future when it come to the reflection of our city, state, and Nation. Just remember 30 years from now Alief will be talked about as one of the first community to really embrace the new face of America with a multi cultural community of a new and old generation that really created unity among all cultures and backgrounds. We are setting the new template of how a Multicultural community will organize and build Unity. We started with a can't happen, to a $20 million dollar project to now a $60 million dollar project and it being the first ever center with more then 3 city departments and being outside the beltway 8.

We are making history Alief and we don't event know it!!! We are ONE and Alief will be leading in the face of a diverse community organizing together on all social issues as ONE. Its a great honor to learn and embrace the much knowledge and experience brought to the table young and old. Keep your eyes and ears open cause we are still building and plan on creating a coalition in Alief comprised of all entities and representations. To the future we look upon my family and many more struggles and battles that will only make our community stronger. Negative moves around when many overcome it with Positive Energy.


Well said Frank!  We're so proud of all that has been accomplished and of you!  Great job!  This is still only the beginning with many exciting things on the horizon for Alief.

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