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Hard at Work on School Work at Falls of Bellaire Resource Center


Eva Calvillo, One of our Field Coordinators checked in from the Falls of Bellaire Resource Center today:  

Busy day at the Center! The school year may be winding down, but these kids are keeping busy with school work!




After their afternoon snack, the kids got down to work.  When the Scoutmaster showed up early for his scheduled Boy Scout meeting, he got drafted by our dedicated Residential Coordinator to help the kids with questions.  The kids, anxious to finish their homework and move on to the computer lab and games, were grateful for the help and interest by the adults. Seeing kids learn is one of the most rewarding experiences that there is and makes us feel thankful we could help with a safe place.




The Resource Center at the Falls of Bellaire Apartments serves as a place where the residents can come together, receive community support, utilize computers, and participate in events and classes.  Through the City we are able to provide meals for kids afterschool and during the summer break.  We will be holding a parent EHL (Empower Houston Leaders) in the near future there and are signing parents up now for the class.  

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