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A Healthy Kids Saturday at YMCA in Alief

Last Saturday, we were working at the Alief YMCA Healthy Kids Day. We shared tips for being a healthy engaged community member with voter registration, volunteer opportunities, and information on EHL (Empower Houston Leaders) training to turn their passion into projects for their communities.


We met so many great kids and parents. Very active kids. The games and activities kicked in to high gear with kids taking to the gym floor for games and activities. YMCA leaders helped explain the importance of developing good exercise habits as part of their daily routine. Chick-Fil-A sent their cow who gave examples about the importance of healthy eating with an emphasis on chicken. The Cow also enthusiastically joined in the fun and helped more or less lead a dance routine. Parents were given an opportunity to speak to Texas Children Hospital representatives about health assessments, the YMCA about membership and services, other community providers about afterschool activities, and vendors.


Alief YMCA Healthy Kids Day was a part of a Houston wide event sponsored by Southwest Airlines and Texas Children Hospital. The Alief event was also sponsored by Chick-Fil-A, who sent The Cow. A great day and a good step towards healthy kids.




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