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It's A Woman's World

Mujeres Con Poder Meeting December

Juana Lopez was a graduate of the first all Spanish Empower Houston Leaders (EHL) class.  The class took place last winter at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Baytown.  

Juana arrived with lots of energy, ideas, and the desire to help her community.  She wanted to do everything she could, but just didn’t know how to get started.  Taking the EHL class, she learned how to be an effective community leader.  Her fears melted away and her confidence grew as a result. 

She started the group “Mujeres Con Poder”, which serves to empower women.  She is currently teaching her second group and hopes to grow in the future.

Juana describes her groups plans, “Some of the themes we cover are women’s self-esteem, violence against women, domestic abuse, and depression.  We teach them how to cope with their issues, help them to find professional help, show them to value themselves as women, and how to be strong and good leaders in their families.”  These women look forward to this class as not only help, but a chance to come together with like minded people in a safe place.

This group aims to help themselves and their community.  Juana is hoping to help create stronger more confident women.

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