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Joining YMCA to Reach Alief Parents

Texans Together joined Alief YMCA for their Thanksgiving Holiday Giving in November.  210 families attended the event to receive access to community resources, and a Thanksgiving Dinner Box with turkey, sides and fixings. There was music, games, and information tables set up for the very lively crowd.  










It was excited to just be at the event, but  we were asked to give a presentation, which was wonderful!  There were two sessions about our Empower Houston Leaders (EHL) program. Speaking to over 70 parents in two different sessions, we gave a brief introduction to EHL, spoke about past classes and the incredible projects that came out of them. There was also a question and answer sessions where we focused on what concerns the parents had and what projects could address them.  The Alief YMCA summed it up in their thanks to:  

.... Thank you to Texans together for providing that powerful bilingual community empowerment presentation to our parents. The parents were very receptive and appreciative for the information that you presented.


 It was a great event and we were very thankful to be a part of it..  

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