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Linda Vista Blows Up the End of Summer

With summer winding down to a close and the school year looming, the kids at Linda Vista Apartment Resource Center planned a big event.  Together with some of the parents, the kids put together a fun day.  The group worked together to determine food, decoration, and most importantly the summer activity - a big water balloon fight.

With parents manning the grill, hot dogs were grilled and drinks served.  While parents set up tables, the older kids filled water balloons for all the kids.  It soon turned into a Battle Royale.  



The day ended with thoroughly wet kids, as well as a few parents, picking up the rubber debris of the balloon free for all.  They started talking about some fall activities like Labor Day and National Night Out.  It is going to be a busy fall and school year.  However for the moment they just enjoyed the company and the smiles..

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