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A Major Spring Cleaning at Falls of Bellaire

Falls of Bellaire Resource Center kicked off our spring cleaning right with a major overhaul of the Computer Lab. It was out with the old and in with the new as Alief Independent School District donated twelve computers.  The computers are part of a program to help community resource centers meet Alief students’ educational activities by donating surplus computers after equipment upgrades. This is a huge advancement from our currently outdated and barely useable computers to actually working computers! 



The old Computer Lab was cobbled together through donations of recycled computers.  It was a constant struggle to keep the computers operating well enough to allow residents to use the systems for basic job hunting or students to access their school district's learning websites.  We started out with ten maybe working computers and ended up with one that worked slowly on a good day.  The shared computer would wheeze and struggle along until the perfect opportunity of not recently saved material and high frustration level.  Then it would shut off.  



Now the Resource Center actually has real computers with internet access and software!  Our kids are going to be so excited to actually complete their homework and not have to wait on one machine. A huge leap forward for all of the Residents and we can't wait for them to see them. 



We are so grateful to the Alief Independent School District!  Frank Garcia, our Program Director, has been working with the school district for a long time and the opportunity finally came together.  Spring is a great time for a new beginning and now our community is benefiting!

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