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Organizer Makes an Impression on Interns

From: Sewa Lead Interns Explore Grass Root Community Work with Together ~ Texans Indo American News 7/2/2015

On June 25th, Frank Garcia, Program Director for Texans Together, met with a group of Interns from SEWA (Selfless Efforts for Welfare of All.) SEWA in sanskrit means service above self. The organization is a 501(c)3, Hindu nonprofit with a mission to serve humanity in distress, aid local communities, and promote volunteerism.  The interns are Houston High School Juniors and Seniors who volunteer in the community over the summer for 50 or more hours.

Frank shared his story with the interns.  He shared some of his past of a family constantly moving searching for employment,  dealing with the sometime hostile to the young environment of Alief, and his past experiences in the apartments in Alief. He told them about how he joined Texans Together and their mission to empower the community by educating them to be leaders. 

Frank showed the interns around the Resource Center at Falls of Bellaire.  He introduced them to some of the residents.  The interns reported:

the community center evokes a sense of comfort and intellect, be it to children who create new friendships and forge new lessons through reading, or to adults who receive information regarding immigration, financial assistance, or simply put, a helping hand. It is individuals as Frank Garcia who imprint a vision upon society, and it is society which then changes its circumstances.

To read the whole story: Sewa Lead Interns Explore Grass Root Community Work with Texans Together


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