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Outreach at Houston Community College


We were at Houston Community College Northeast for a fair for students in the work study program.  It was a great day and a wonderful opportunity to reach out to students as we looked for our next intern and did voter registration. We spoke with many students about their concerns and what Texans Together was all about.  




One of our upcoming projects in the planning stage is an EHL (Empower Houston Leaders) class at the HCC campus.  The students would have a chance to develop their project to give back to the school and the surrounding community.  While it is always difficult to balance a class load and the commitments of schoolwork, EHL will give them an opportunity to actively see scheduling and recruitment of volunteers for projects in a demanding environment. It's a great opportunity to connect and network with these brand new leaders as they start on the next stage of their lives.  We can't wait to get started and from the positive response at the campus, we are not alone!



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