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Parents Engaged with EHL Graduation

In November, Texans Together graduated our first group of parents from our Parental Engagement Empower Houston Leaders (EHL) class.  Working in partnerships with the Houston Health Department's My Brother's Keeper to improve parental involvement in their community, the class consisted of parents from Fifth Ward area schools.  After a six-week class, twenty-five parents graduated and will now join our EHL network of volunteers.


Parents were given direct action organizing tools and developed five group projects.  The ongoing projects of the graduating parents were:

  1. “Taking Care of Our Kids” – Helping to secure nurses, counselors, librarians, and support staff in our schools. This project will focus on participating in the schools' policy and funding by attending school board and organizational meetings and providing feedback to elected officials.

  2. “History is Our Story” – Forming Cultural Awareness groups to educate and motivate.  This project will help parents and students have pride in their community and themselves by addressing the disconnect between the current state of our schools and their community and the history of the school and community. 

  3. “Dad’s Stepping Up” – Encouraging fathers to get involved in schools.  This project will focus on engaging fathers in their children's schools to assist with classroom and afterschool activities.  The main premise will be"Small Steps Matter 2".

  4. “Text Me Please” – Improving communication through Apps and technology.  This project will focus on utilizing Apps to improve timely communication between teachers, students, and parents, organizing other parents on Social Media to work on mass communication about events, and improving information about assignments to parents and students to engage parents with the schoolwork. 

  5. “Being Present is Like Giving Presents” –  This project will focus on parents volunteering in schools.  The project will focus on coordinating parents and the volunteer activities to improve parental commitment and participation and the advantages being present gives to the schools and students.



It's always a great day when we graduate EHL participants, but it was especially gratifying to see so many parents committed to helping their children advance.



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