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Pre-K is Facing Defunding

What happened to Pre-K Funding? Yesterday, the Texas Senate Finance Panel joined the House in basically defunding Pre-K in Texas.  While Pre-K was one of Governor Greg Abbott's priorities, the Texas Legislature appears to disagree. Studies have shown that quality Pre-K improves the ability of children to succeed. If our children are successful, everyone succeeds.  It is critical to our workforce, improved innovation, and economic growth. To defund children is to defund the future. 



What can be done?

This is not a done deal yet and you can make a big difference.  Call your elected representative in the House and the Senate to let them know what you think.  These calls typically take about 2 minutes.  We cannot expect our elected representatives to know our wishes if we do not tell them. Here is a quick guide to calling: Make a Difference: Let the Right People Know What You Think. Don't know who represents you? Go here: Who Represents Me?

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