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Repairers of the Breach Tour Touches Down in Houston

Texans Together and The National Moral Revival sent out a Call of Action to Houston on September 14th.. It was a full house with many community leaders and we even ran into Charlotte, one of our EHL (Empower Houston Leaders) graduates from our first class.  

When the Revival started, Houstonians took to the stage and shared their moving, personal testimonies.  They spoke of the hardship of a returning citizen still paying for his crime long after he paid his debt to society; the community’s loss of trust in the people responsible for protecting, but instead are killing them; people locked up, with no conviction, but imprisoned because they are poor and can’t afford bail; racial injustice of profiling and mass incarceration; the struggle to earn a living wage in a prosperous city; and working families that have no medical coverage, because our leaders care more about politics than the citizens they are supposed to serve.  It was disheartening listening to the hardships, but uplifting to hear and see the spirit present. 


Reverends James Forbes and William Barber inspired the gathering to answer the call.  Reverend Barber said, “We must be the moral defibrillators of our time…Even if we have to work on America until we die, we are not going to give up!”  He asked if there was a heart in the house.  The answer was a resounding yes and ready to answer the call bringing change and justice to our community. 

If you missed the Revival or just want to get reenergized, watch the recorded livestream and be inspired:  Watch It Here.


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