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SJRC Takes Their Case to the Commisioners Court

San Jacinto River Coalition, SJRC, testified this morning at Harris County's Commissioners Court. They asked that the settlement funds from Harris County's Waste Pits litigation be allocated to the communities surrounding the site. The trial ended on November 13, 2014, with the jury found that International Paper Co was not responsible for the pollution leaking out of the Waste Pits. 

McGinnes Industrial Maintenance Corp. and Houston-based Waste Management Inc settled with Harris County and the State of Texas for $30 million dollars prior to closing arguments.  The amount was substantially lower the  $25,000 a day from February 1973 to March 2008 that was asked that each companies pay for allowing dioxin, a cancer causing agent, to be released into the river from the abandoned pits. 

Since the Harris County's Commissioners Court will decide how Harris County's settlement will be used, the SJRC wanted to make sure that the settlement funds be put to use exclusively for related health and environmental problems in the communities impacted by the San Jacinto River Waste Pits contamination.  They are requesting the funds should be used for remediation, health studies, environmental awareness and education within the local community.  

The SJRC will also hold a public forum on Tuesday January 13, 2015 at 6:30 pm.  The forum will be at the Highlands Community Center, 604 Highland Woods Dr in Highlands, TX.  It will be a public forum where the public can give input on what settlement funds should be used for and receive the latest developments regarding the Waste Pitts.

Finally, the SJRC thanked the Harris County Attorney's office for holding companies that polluted our environment accountable.

For more information about the public forum, please contact or , or call 713-782-8833.

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