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Spooky Fun at Apartments are Communities

Last Friday, Apartments Are Communities scared up a lot of fun at both our Resource Centers with pre-Halloween festivities.  They both decorated and got volunteers involved.  Residents turned out for food, games, and activities with kids in costumes and some early Trick or Treating.  Each center took the time to make sure kids and their parents knew what was coming up in the busy November schedules.

Halloween is a great time for communities to get to know each other.  Kids aren't just running by quickly, they are actually meeting the neighbors.  Adults get to put names with their littlest neighbors. 



Linda Vista Resource Center

At Linda Vista, their get together featured a costume contest. After decorating and turning up the music, the contest got into high gear.  


Kids of all ages turned out in all manner of costumes from zombies to heroes. 


 Cat girls, princesses, even a witch appeared for the hot dogs and cupcakes.  


Even adults got in on the action.  The one thing everyone had in common were smiles. 



Falls of Bellaire Resource Center

At the Falls of Bellaire Resource Center the pre-Halloween festivities started off early in the day.  Resident volunteers moved the tables and put out refreshments for the party. After the set up was complete, some of the teen volunteers tested out the face painting.


All the hard work paid off when the young Trick or Treaters arrived.




Everyone had a great time and even got to sample food from the cooking class at the Center! 


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