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Taking Action at HCC

Thursday, Texans Together was at Houston Community College (HCC) Northeast Campus with the "Take Action Now" event. We were encouraging students and community members to take action to become civicly engaged, access health care, and connect with their community.  
Despite the heat, we met with some really cool people.  We connected with young voters and helped them register to vote or update their registration (If you need to update your registration go here. They beat the October 11th deadline and will be ready to early vote on October 24th.  It was also very exciting to share the information about our "Screw Up the Vote 2016" concert. The concert will feature performances by The Screwed Up Click and Paul Wall and will encourage young voters to not screw up the vote by not voting. To RSVP for the free concert go here.  Our new registrees were not only excited about the concert, but voting.  They knew it was the best way to make themselves hear.   As Gloria Steinem said, "The voting booth is the one place where the most powerful and least powerful are equal."  
We also helped connect them with Houston Health Department for services like WIC, Lead Paint Removal, and access to medical services.  While not all of them actually needed the services, but they all knew someone who did.  If you know someone who lives in the City of Houston and might need services or just want more information go here.
We also had some great community venders there like UT Health, Bee Busy, Harris Health, and Amaranth.  Bee Busy even brought their mobile clinic and like their name says they got busy from the moment they set up. While Harris Health and UT Health offered information on health services and immunizations.  Texans Together and Amaranth Refugee Services helped students sign up to volunteer in the community. 
A big thanks to our community vendors:  Harris Health, Bee Busy, UT Health and Amaranth.  Special thanks to HCC for hosting.  It is always great to be reminded how great our community is when we work with venders like these and meet great people.


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