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Texans Together Brings Brazilian Dance to Community

Texans Together and the Brazilian Arts Foundation are working together to bring a little bit of Brazil to kids at the Falls of Bellaire Resource Center.  The Resource Center is part of Texans Together's Apartments Are Communities that has teamed up with CASE (Center for Afterschool, Summer, and Enrichment for Kids) to bring this activity to the kids.  

Every Friday, the kids at Falls of Bellaire are learning about Brazil and Brazilian dance through energetic teaching.  Brazilian Arts Foundation's Professor Gringo teaches Capoeira Luanda, It's a game that combines dance, use of musical instruments, singing and speaking Portugese.  The physical art improves the students' agility and coordination.  The classes take place after the Resource Center is normally empty, but the program is so popular kids are finishing their homework and then participating.  It is amazing to see the retention of the children from week to week. The children are engaged, active and excited about the chance to be a part of the challenging program.  We are so happy to have the Brazilian Arts Foundation helping the kids discover more of the world. It's a great success.




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