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Texans Together Engaged with Parents

Texans Together's Empower Houston Leaders (EHL) Parental Engagement Class at Katherine Smith Elementary held a "Know Your Rights" session. The session was a part of the classes' project to help parents understand immigration, voting, and other rights. 


Our enthusiastic parents want all parents to understand how their rights impact their daily activities.  For example, something some parents have trouble with is what is and how to obtain the correct identification necessary for children pick up from school. The EHL class partnered up with Mi Familia Vota to have a rights presentation.  The parents also arranged to use the cafeteria at Katherine Smith Elementary to hold two well-attended sessions.  The class also received permission from the school to offer the parents that attended a "Free Dress Day" for their children.  This highly sought after day allows kids to wear clothes other than the school uniform for one day. 



The EHL Parental Engagement Classes are a collaboration between Texans Together and Houston Health Department's My Brother's Keeper initiative.  The initiative is an ambitious undertaking to improve the future outcomes for our youth and children.







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