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Texans Together falls into Fall with Fifth Ward Fall Festival

Texans Together was out last  Saturday, October 8th, at the Fifth Ward Fall Festival.  The community turned out to enjoy food, games, and meet with leaders like US  House Rep Sheila Jackson Lee.  It was great to see the community interacting with their leadership.  They had great questions and put forward what their community needed. This is what is meant by engaged community members.






We met with parents interested in learning how to make their schools better.  By the end of the day, we had some more engaged parents signed up to participate in our Fifth Ward EHL (Empower Houston Leaders) Workshop for Parental Engagement.  Nothing makes you feel more connected then seeing parents thinking about projects that could help their community schools.  



We met  and registered some new voters before the deadline on 10/11/2016.  Early voting starts on 10/24/2016 and we started sharing where early voting would take place.  Here's a reminder: http://www.harrisvotes.org/EarlyVoting/EarlyVotingLocationsScheduleNonIE...

We also handed out information on Houston Health Department's programs.  Like Lead Paint Removal, WIC (Women Infants Children Program, and Access to Medical Services.  If you don't have Medical Insurance or haven't qualified for coverage - the Houston Health Department Program may help. If you live in Houston and  know someone who needs or want to learn more about programs that help with Lead Paint Removal, Access to Medical Care, or WIC go here: http://www.texanstogether.org/content/city-houston-outreach




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