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Texans Together Rocking the Vote!

Texans Together’s Screw Up the Vote concert rocked the vote hard on Saturday.  We had a great turnout from the community for the concert at the 8th Wonder Brewery.  Not only did the crowd enjoy great musical performances, but also they jammed to the most important message: VOTE!


Paul Wall (Houston Press – Marco Torres)

The energetic performances of the Screwed Up Click (Lil' Keke, E.S.G., Big Pokey and C-Note), Paul Wall, Lyric Michelle, Dat Boi T, Dirty & Nasty and TK had the crowd up and moving.  The performers shared why everyone should vote.  Paul Wall telling the crowd the need was greatest to vote in local elections, “We’ve got judges running right here in Houston, Texas.  We got District Attorney.  We got all kinds of sheriffs, constables.  That’s who I’m telling you to vote for. I’m talking about people that got control over all of our individual communities in the city.  That’s who you really need to vote for.”  He implored the crowd to ask questions and find out about the candidates.  “If you don’t care who the Sheriff is, there’s something wrong with that.  There’s nothing wrong with asking questions.

It was a fun and energizing evening for the community. The musicians brought home the truth of voting and what it meant to their community.

The Houston Press has a great slide show of more pictures here: Slideshow


Video Interviews of the Artists:

Paul Wall Interview Screw Up the Vote Concert D Frost Interview Screw Up the Vote Concert
D3 of Dirty and Nasty Screw Up the Vote Concert TK Screw Up the Vote Concert
Lyric Michelle, Dee Day, and Dat Boi T Screw Up The Vote Concert


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