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Why is it so hard to vote in Texas?

Here’s a great look at voting in Harris County in Life of the Law by Jonathan Hirsch. The feature discusses SB14 – Texas Voter ID Law and even features our founder, Fred Lewis!  

Recent studies have shown that Voter ID Laws have decreased voter turn out and more than half a million registered voters in Texas lack the proper identification. 


Here's an excerpt from the website

“Lowest voter participation in the nation. Lowest voter registration in the nation. We dug a deep deep hole in Texas. And what we’ve gotta do is stop digging.”
-Leland Beatty

Voting is a right and it’s some states it’s pretty easy to do. You register, and then you go to the polling place and mark your ballot. But in more than half the states, laws have been passed called voter ID laws, that require you to not only register but bring specific forms of ID with you when you go to vote.

There are concerns these voter ID laws discourage some people from going to the polls and voting — particularly poor and minority voters. The federal courts are reviewing a voter ID law passed in North Carolina, and in North Dakota, Native American leaders have filed a lawsuit claiming that Voter ID laws in that state disproportionately impact their community. And in Kansas the ACLU is challenging a requirement that residents show proof of citizenship when they try to register to vote.

And then there’s Texas and its voter ID law. By 2050 the state’s population is expected to double–and most of that growth will come from the Latino community. How are all of these voter ID laws impacting who votes today in the US, and who will have access to the polls in the future?

Listen to the short pod cast here:  Harris County USA


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