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Women's Empowerment Extravaganza Success!

On December 13th, a gathering of extraordinary women occurred.  The Women's Empowerment Extravaganza was held at the SHAPE center. The meet and greet is the lead in for our Empower Houston Leaders focusing on women's interests.  From the beginning the energy in the room was phenomenal and as the women began to share, it was clear that the passion was there to bring about community improvement and change.  The group was diverse with many different projects represented.  We had representatives there from the Johara Foundation, Keep Houston Beautiful, environmental groups like San Jacinto River Coalition and Fluoride Free Houston, Project Row House, and Project Unity Houston.  We even had 2 precinct captains, and a doctor, The issues discussed ranged from holistic healing to environmental concerns to women's rights. They were so engaged that we well ran past time to end and eventually had to end the networking so we didn't get locked in the building.

This was just the first step for these women to turn their passions into programs and it was a great one.  We're so energized, we can hardly wait until the next meeting.  You can still join us, the more the merrier.  Our next meeting is January 24th. Contact: Saeed Rose (832) 207-1647(Call/text) or via email;

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