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Save Our Schools

Save Texas Schools

Calling All Houstonians, Parents, Teachers and Students!

We are getting on the bus on Saturday March 24th. We want the cutting of education funds to STOP!

Texas has dropped from 44th to 49th in funding our school systems among the 50 states. Some of our lawmakers want to strive towards the “coveted” 50th spot in the funding of our schools on a national level. With yet another budget shortfall on the way, an election coming and legislative session very near it seems likely that we will achieve the unwanted distinction of being the worst in the country. We need to send them a message that cannot be ignored.

Abandoned SchoolDon't abandon our schools! Don't let them end up like this bus.

But it doesn’t have to be that way and nothing is yet written. Let's all rally together to make a difference. On March 24th the rally in Austin will protest the destruction through neglect of the public school system. We want to get as many people as possible to ride with us to Austin. To save a seat on our bus, reserve your spot today! Texans Together is chartering at least one bus, currently leaving from the Alief area, but will charter as many as we need to get people to Austin.

Call us 713-782-8833 or email us at

Interested? Want more info? Want to reserve a spot or two on our bus? Do you have a great idea on how to let lawmakers know that the destruction of our school system will not be tolerated? Write us at:

Contact Us

Texans Together Education Fund

P.O. Box 1296
Houston, Texas 77251-1296



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