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Empower Houston Leaders Free Learning Seminar: Developing Community Leaders in Harris County

Are you tired of being Powerless? Then Let Us Build a Movement

Join us on our mission to develop Leaders in your Community.   Learn about opportunities, benefits, and joys of organizing and getting your neighbors involved.

Being a community leader is rewarding and beneficial Building a Movement is Life-Giving

You will receive skills, interaction exercises, experience, and mentoring in our "Class”!We will  teach you how to be a community leader, activist and how to build a Movement.

  • You and your friends can help Build a Movement.
  • A moment of feeling, caring, concern, outrage, or anger can lead you to Action.
  • Build a Movement from the fire of Your moment.

If you are interested in positive changes for your community or for more information contact our Recruiter immediately before classes fill up.

The program will be for 7 weeks, every Tuesday from 6-7:30 pm. Contact Vincent Fana, 713-256-5740 or .

"Let’s Build a Movement"

Now is your opportunity to take advantage of prestigious training, build your resume, stipends for community projects, and connect with experienced community leaders and mentors.

New Classes Starting August! Contact Us Today!

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Texans Together Education Fund

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