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Peacemaker Award

Annual Houston Peace and Justice Center (HPJC) Peacemaker award banquet

Community building in the United States is not a novel concept. Democracy depends on individuals participating in every aspect of their community.

Many obstacles stand in the way of getting involved and addressing challenges. Important commitments such as working and family obligations often leave residents overwhelmed. Residents in modest-income areas have even more concerns than those from upper and middle income areas.  Crime, gang violence, finding a job, child care, and making ends meet keep residents feeling powerless.

Texans Together Education empowers individuals to identify and address those challenges by guiding them to solutions that work for their community. Acknowledging that solutions are not “one size fits all” is a basic belief of Texans Together.

Magnolia Park’s community garden is addressing a need for increased access to fresh produce; Alief’s Apartments As Communities empowers apartment dwellers to fight crime and feel a sense of belonging; Aldine’s Young Families Project protects teen parents from falling into a cycle of poverty by helping them find a path to prosperity; Houston Votes civically engages residents to participate in electing their leaders.

Each Texans Together project is guided by passionate organizers who daily see the results of helping the disenfranchised find their voice.  That passion is being recognized on November 12  at the Annual Houston Peace and Justice Center (HPJC) Peacemaker award banquet.

HPJC chose Texans Together as the recipient of the 2010 local PeaceMaker Award for  “…helping people to identify community needs and to organize effectively for those needs, and for daring to strengthen the electorate in underserved areas of Harris County .”

We are honored. Please join us on November 12, 2011 as we accept this award. Tickets can be purchased on the Houston Peace and Justice Center website.

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