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Residents take the San Jacinto Waste Pits matter into their own hands

Deadly CatchGiven the lack of appropriate signage warning about the presence of dioxins in the waters of the San Jacinto River, community members gathered last Saturday, at River Terrace Park in Channelview, to put up homemade signs in order to inform visitors about the risks of consuming fish caught on those waters.

This park, located just south of I-10 and Baylor, has become a very popular fishing spot that not only attracts local residents but also visitors from all the Houston metroplex area.

While putting up the signs, residents got the opportunity to talk directly to visitors who were fishing at the time and any of them were aware of the presence of dioxins in the water and were surprised of the lack of better signs that would prevent consumption.

Unsuspecting FishermanBut putting up the signs and informing visitors at the park were not the only two goals that the community achieved that day. Ever since the site was discovered, Responsible Parties had not established contact with members from the community until Saturday when a representative from the Responsible Parties, Kate Winslow, discussed directly with residents the biggest concerns about cancer rates in areas near the waste pits, the need for a more comprehensive educational campaign, additional soil, fish, sediments and human testing and the evident need for a permanent solution to the San Jacinto Waste Pits.

Residents will continue putting up signs in different locations, if they are removed then they will replace them because someone needs to make sure the community is aware of the dangers of dioxins.

Signs to Save a Life

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